My pictorial universe is created through an intuitive, passionate and emotional approach to the picture. Colours, shapes, and the infinite interaction between these two constants introduce a process in which the final expression contains all the energy, emotions, and experiences I’ve accumulated over the years.

Strong, simple, spontaneous, authentic, dynamic and not least lively and creative; it is this very energy that controls my infinite curiosity for the development of my works.

My life dream and work is a perfectly accomplished combination of an art gallery and bed and breakfast where art and aesthetics go hand in hand with the environment and good atmosphere.

The culmination of a 30-year international art career

I was born and raised in Northern Jutland, but I have lived in Austria, Germany and the USA for many years. There, I worked as an artist and evolved, but I also attended art classes and workshops. After many years abroad, I have now returned to the quiet and idyllic surroundings of my home on the North Sea.

My kind of art gallery

My goal for Kunstart20 is to be a new artistic center, to which I invite Danish and international artists working with arts, crafts, music and literature to exhibit in the studio and organize workshops. My farm is an active haven where professional, artistic and curious people can gather, be surrounded by art and hopefully go from there with a sense of joy.